Indians Fishing by John White (Concentration)

The painting I have chosen here is called Indians Fishing by John White. It is one of a group of paintings produced in the failed colony of Roanoke, Virginia, and therefore one of the first pieces of art from the Americas by a European. I discuss this and another John White painting in chapter five of American Art: Volume I. I have geared these questions for kids 8-13, but the great thing about this game is you can easily gear the questions to younger or older students. Sometimes I let the students take turns asking the questions.

Art Concentration!

After you click "START GAME" you will have one minute to study the art that appears. After your time is up, questions will appear about the art. See how many you can answer correctly.

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Dennis Boyd

There are / is … boat(s) on the water… [Note we had to delete and edit some of this comment so as not give away the answer. But Dennis caught my mistake and it has now been fixed.]


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