The School of Athens (Detail)

Speech Bubbles on Fine Art. Fun!

by Raphael
200 in x 300 in

The two men in the middle are Plato on the left and Aristotle on the right. The man reclining on the stairs is Diogenes.

The Full Piece of Art
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The School of Athens by Raphael

I flew in from a vacation in the Bahamas. How did you get here?
I took the train. I like to stay on the ground.
Hmmm. Papa Toni's Pizza is having a special on anchovies tonight.
The School of Athens (detail) by Raphael
Did you see that U.F.O.? Those aliens wanted to abduct me!
Whoa, whoa! Settle down there, Skippy. Don't get carried away.
"Plato Abducted by Aliens in U.F.O." Good grief. Where do they come up with these headlines?
The School of Athens (detail) by Raphael

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