The Arnolfini Marriage

Speech Bubbles on Fine Art. Fun!

by Jan van Eyck
82.2 x 60 cm (32 x 24 inches)
Oil on oak panel of 3 vertical boards
National Gallery, London

I feel really silly in this hat.
You look really silly in that hat.
I think they both look pretty silly. Where's my treat?
The Arnolfini Marriage by Jan van Eyck
Did you feed the dog?
No, I thought you fed the dog.
If somebody doesn't feed the dog soon, I'm going to bite a leg.
The Arnolfini Marriage by Jan van Eyck
Your hand is freezing.
I fed the dog some ice chips.
I love ice chips! I'm not even sure where they got them, this being 1434 and all.
The Arnolfini Marriage by Jan van Eyck

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